Capacity & EDD

Sugar Industry Process Capacity and Equipment Design & Drawing

1.Rotary Vacuum Filter Accessories Capacity Calculation |Sugar Tech
Rotary vacuum filter accessories capacity calculations like mud pump, mud mixer, drum filtering area, vacuum pump, condenser and its pipe lines.

2. Bagacillo Screens, blower & Bagacillo Cyclone Sizing Calculation
Bagacillo requirement for vacuum filters. Bagacillo screen, blower capacity and its transport line sizing requiement | Bagacillo cyclone design calculation.

3. Sugar Industry Thumb Rules for Equipment Design Sizing
Thumb Rules for Sugar factory Equipment Design Sizing | thumb rules for approximate idea for equipment sizing in Sugar Industry.

4. Condensate Receiving & Condensate Flash Recovery tank design
Condensate Receiving Tank Dia, vent line size Calculation | Condensate Mound | Condensate Receiving & Condensate Flash Recovery tank design calculation with online calculation sheet.

5. Shell and Tube Multipass Heat Exchanger Design | Tubular juice heater design calculation with online calculator.

Shell and tube multipass heater design calculation like heat transfer coeffiicient, heating surface , number of passes , tubes per pass, pressure drop calculation, tube plate dia, inlet and outlet lines dia calculation..etc.

6. Condensate flash vapour recovery system calculation with example.
Flash Vapour Recovery Vessel Design Calculation like siphon height, ascending and descending branch line calculation, Compartment area calculation, flash line dia calculation …Etc.| Flash cigar calculation in sugar industry |Flash vapour calculation.

7. Juice Defecator and Juice Sulphitor Design Criteria | Online Calculator.

Juice sulphitor and juice defecator design criteria in sugar cane juice clarification process| Calculation of retention time, dia of the reaction vessel, SO2 gas distribution system, shock lime connection etc.

8. Super heated wash water system in batch centrifugal machines .

What is super heated water and how to calculate requirement of SHWW to batch centrifugal machines with online calculator

9. Juice Clarifier Flash Tank design parameters like dia of the flash tank, juice inlet and out line sizing, flash vent pipe sizing ..etc.with online calculation sheet.

10. Condensate or Duplex Heater (Liquid- Liquid Heater) heating surface, number of tubes, tube plate dia, pressure drop calculation formulas with online calculation sheet.

11. Economizer heating surface and Its Outlet Flue Gas Temperature Calculation in thermal power plants with online calculator.

12. Direct Contact Heater (DCH) Important features, formulas and considerations in design calculation with Online calculator.

13. Formulas for calculating steam Percent cane and heating surface of the individual evaporator bodies in multiple effect evaporator with powerful online calculator.

14. Pan Section Vapour Header and Pan vapour Line Dia Calculation
In this article given formulas for calculate Pan Section Vapour Header and Pan vapour Line Dia and also proved online calculator.

15. Vapour Line Dia Calculation for Juice Heater and Evaporator
In this article given formulas for calculate vapour line dia for juice heater and evaporator and also proved online calculator.

16. Phosphoric Acid (H3 PO4 ) Dosing in Sugar Process Industry – Online Calculator
Phosphoric Acid(H3PO4) in sugar process industry and online calculator to find required dosing quantity in kgs and also find present going condition in PPM.

17. Batch Centrifugal Machine Capacity and Gravity Factor Calculation
The purpose of this article is to evaluate the batch centrifugal machine capacity and its gravity factor by online calculator.

18. Definitions in Steam Properties and Online Steam Table For Saturated steam
Definition in steam properties like enthalpy, sensible heat , latent heat, total heat, supersaturated steam and also given steam table for saturated steam.

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