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Terminology of Sugar Process Industry in Centrifugal Section

Sugar Process Industry Terminology in Centrifugal  Centrifuging : The separation of massecuite into sugar crystals and mother liquor was carried out by pouring the massecuite into perforated vessels. The molasses dripping conducted with holes while sugar crystals were washed by pouring sugar solution.  So this was separating mother liquor by means of force of gravity. […]

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Terminology of Sugar process industry in Crystallization Section

Sugar Process Industry Terminology in Crystallization Section Syrup: The resulting material obtained after concentration of clear juice by evaporation of excess water in the multiple effect evaporators. Viscosity: The gummy slime i.e. dextran and levan produced by bacteria increase viscosity of the juice syrup and massecuite that affects the further process as under. Crystallization: Nucleation […]

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Sugar Process Industry Terminology in Clarification Section | Sugarprocesstech

Terminology in Sugar Process Industry – Clarification   The  boiling house of sugar process industry having the sections like Clarification, crystallization and centrifugal. In this article given  Terminology in Clarification section: Imbibition: The international society of sugar cane and technologists defines imbibition as “The process in which water or juice is applied to bagasse to […]

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General Terminology in Sugar Manufacturing Process Industry

General Terminology in sugar process industry  Sucrose: Pure chemical compound C12H22O11 known as white sugar, generally measured by polarization in pure solution or by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Gas Chromatography (GC) in impure solution. The chemical term is β-D- Fructofuranosyl α –D- glucopyranoside. Sugar: Term for the disaccharide sucrose and products of the […]