Equipment Capacity Requirement of Sugar Refinery | Sugarprocesstech

This article aims to provide a basic informative guide to calculating the equipment capacities for essential components in the sugar refinery, such as the raw sugar melter, melt clarification system, deep bed filters, ion exchange resin system, pan section, centrifugal section, sugar drying and grading. The major unit operations in Sugar Refinery are as follows […]

pump related formulas of Power calculation, Total Head, NPSH, Affinity laws, Efficiency of the pump

Pump Related formulas | Power calculation, Total Head, NPSH, Affinity laws

In this article provided pump related formulas like fluid flow rate and velocity, power calculation, Specific Speed of Pump (Nq), Total Head, Pump Torque and temperature rise, Net Positive Suction Head, Affinity laws for pump, Pump Efficiency & Overall Efficiency of the Pump Basic required formulas for the operation of Pump Formulas regarding product while […]

Perimeter and Area Formulas for two dimensional geometrical figures

In this page provided formulas of Perimeter and Area for two dimensional geometrical figures like square, rectangle, Rhombus, parallelogram, trapezium or trapezoid, triangle, right angle triangle, ellipse, circle, sector of a circle, segment of a circle etc Formulas for Two Dimensional Geometrical Figures Square Side for square = a  &  Length of diagonal = d […]

vacuum pan sugar factory | pan section in sugar plant | Batch Vacuum Pan Calculation in sugar industry | Crystallization process | pan boiling calculation | vertical continuous vacuum pan

Vacuum Pan in Sugar Industry | Vacuum Pan Design Criteria | Sugar Tech

In this session discuss about Vacuum Pan design criteria for crystallization process in sugar factory. Vacuum Pan Design Aspects in Sugar Factory | Sugarprocesstech The following factors which are playing an important role in design aspect of a vacuum pan. a) Incoming b) Outgoing c) Internal d) External a) Incoming 1. Heating medium (Vapour/Steam)  – […]

Batch Vacuum Pan Calculation in sugar industry | Crystallization process | pan boiling calculation | vertical continuous vacuum pan

Batch Vacuum Pan Design Calculation | Sugarprocesstech | Sugar Technology

This article discussed about 80 MT capacity batch vacuum pan design calculation of Heating surface, Number of tubes, Dia of the downtake and tube plate, Graining volume, Dia of the vapour doom, Height of the top cone, Dia of vapour inlet and outlet pipe lines , Pipe line dia of noxious gases, Dia of condensate […]

plate type heat exchanger design calculation | plate and frame heat exchanger area calculation

Plate Type Heat Exchanger Design Calculation | Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger

In this article explained about basic calculation for plate type heat exchange design like hot fluid and cold fluid temperatures, heat transfer coefficient, heat transfer area calculation .. etc Plate Heat Exchanger Heat Transfer Area Calculation | PHE Design Calculation Basic concepts of Plate Type Heat Exchanger : (Please go through the below link) Plate […]

Molasses cooler design concepts and its water requirement calculation.

Molasses Cooler Design | Molasses Preservation | Properties of Molasses

This Article summarizes the concepts of final molasses generation in process, Properties Molasses like viscosity, specific heat.Also discussed to overcome the issue of deterioration during storage. Molasses cooler design concepts and its water requirement calculation. Final Molasses Storage | Shell and Tube Molasses Cooler Design Concepts Final Molasses is one of the important & valuable […]

Sugar Melter Capacity Calculation | Sugar Melting design in sugar factory boiling house | sugarprocesstech

Sugar Melter Application in Sugar Factory | Sugar Melter design Calculation

In this article discussed about the role of sugar melter in sugar industry process house and its capacity and design calculation. Also provided online calculator for its capacity calculation. Sugar Melter Capacity Calculation | Sugar Melting  Feed Liquor Calculation The sugar melter simply can be defined as it a equipment in which dissolving of sugar […]

Vertical Crystalliser Design Calculation for Sugar Massecuite Cooling

Vertical Cooling Crystalliser Design Calculation in Sugar Plant In the following link covered information  regarding the Vertical crystalliser design Click Here Vertical crystalliser advantages over the series of crystallisers. Types of Vertical cooling crystallisers like Mono Vertical crystalliser (MVC ), Riser type Vertical Crystalliser , Twin Vertical crystalliser. Cooling surface requirement for vertical crystalliser ( […]

Conversion of units for Engineering Equipment Design & Drawing Calculations | Unit conversion factors for sugar industry capacity and equipment calculation | Unit Conversion Table | conversion of units of measurement | engineering unit converter | unit conversion list | conversions chart | conversion table of units

Unit Conversion Factors and Tables for Engineering Design Calculations

Conversion of units in Sugar Industry Equipment Design Calculations In this page provided some unit conversion factors. It will helpful to sugar industry Capacity and EDD calculations. Length Conversion Factors 1 kilometer (km)  –  1000 meters (m) = 0.62137 miles 1 meter (m)  – 100 centimeter (cm) 1 centimeter (cm)  = 0.001 m = 0.3937 […]