This guide delves into the jar test's purpose, procedure, and significance, providing insights into coagulant selection, optimal dosage determination, and treatment process optimization. Learn the step-by-step preparation of stock solutions and dosing rate guidelines for efficient water treatment.

Jar Test procedure and calculation for water treatment process

A Comprehensive Guide to Jar Testing: The selection of right coagulants and coagulant aids is an important step in the process of water treatment. To make this conclusion, water treatment authorities rely on bench-scale tests known as jar tests. As per the plant conditions, the jar test serves as a practical and informative tool to […]

Dextran and Starch | Dextran & starch origin and its effects on sugar process performance |Control measures of Dextran and Starch

Dextran and starch effect in sugar process | Dextranase and Amylase enzymes

This article gives a brief  idea about role of Dextran and Starch in sugar process like what is dextran & starch, its effect on process house, Control measures of Dextran and Starch  What is Dextran Dextran is the name assigned to a family of polysaccharides which is infrequently found in healthy sugarcane plant. Sucrose is […]

Benefits to production of raw sugar in place of white sugar | Sugarprocesstech

Raw Sugar production in place of plantation white sugar process plants

In this article provided a little bit information regarding the opportunities and benefits while switching over to direct (human) consumption of raw sugar production in place of Plantation white sugar Opportunities and Need for Switching over to Raw Sugar Production from White Sugar Plantation of sugarcane is high then production of white sugar will be […]

Daily Manufacturing Report (DMR) for sugar process industry - sugarprocesstech

Daily Manufacturing Report (DMR) Cum Chemical Control (Sugar Lab) Calculation Sheet

Formulas for Calculating Sugar Industry Daily Manufacturing Report (DMR)  With Simple Online Calculator Fundamental formula : In put = out put Cane +   Added water  = Gross mixed juice +   bagasse If cane is 100  than 100 + Added water% cane = M. J. % cane + Bag. % cane. Drit correction % M.Jc Quantity […]

Sugar Industry Boiling House Stock Calculation -sugarprocesstech

Formulas for Sugar Industry Boiling House Stock Calculation

Calculate Available Sugar and Molasses in Intermediate Sugar Process Material by online calculator Stock Calculations is one of the important duty in first hour of the day and lost hour of the shift in sugar process industry. Required Formulas in boiling house stock calculation. S-J-M Formula: This formula is used for calculating the available sugar from […]