Good Laboratory Practice Related to Water Treatment Plant and Sugar Industry

Introduction about Good Laboratory Practice:

Anybody undertaking analysis work should acquire skill in handling apparatus and also be aware with certain basic procedures.  Analyst who gives important to such things as cleanliness, orderliness, care, organization and self-discipline are likely to get right results in comparison to those who ignore this as insignificant things.

Good Laboratory Practice Before starting the analysis

1. Keep the place where analysis to be carried neat, well-ordered and clean.

2. Clean all equipment and apparatus which are going to be used for analysis.

3. Do not keep too many apparatuses on the working place. If a particular equipment’s job is over, put it back into its specified place or its stand.

4. Label all containers which contain solution, precipitate and filtrate. Cover the container to prevent it from getting contaminated from dust etc.

5. The reagent bottle should be immediately put back to self once its use is over.

6. Keep the sample ready.

7. Decide the method of determination and arrange all necessary items.

8. Check and standardize all instruments required for the procedure.

9. Make sure you are aware with the method. If not read and understand before proceeding.

10. Plan the work stage by stage.

11. Give extreme importance to safety. Make sure safety glasses and clothes are available.

12. Handle dangerous and hazardous material with care.

13. Make sure all reagents, chemical and instruments are available for the analysis to be made.

During Analysis for Good Laboratory Practice

1. Keep a note book for recording purpose.

2. Check sample temperature, carryout sampling as per procedure and label each aliquot after each stage of analysis. So that it can be traced back to original sample.

3. Pipettes, burettes and other equipment’s which are used frequently should be cleaned at each stage of operation.

4. Procedure should be followed step-wise as mentioned in the literature or any other reference being used.

5. Rush can spoil your work. Be careful and don’t hurry. If you do you are sure to get wrong result.

6. Record observation and data etc at each stage of operation during the analysis process.

After the Analysis for Good Laboratory Practice

1. Calculate the required answer from the data’s collected during analysis.

2. Calculation will also indicate whether the analysis was properly carried out or not.

3. Recheck with a third person familiar with the method to make sure that there is no calculation errors. Should be take care about Inappropriate decimal number in calculation. This will help in unnecessarily not repeating an exercise.

4. Do not remove the sample till you are convinced with the answer and satisfactory report has been made.

5. Clean the entire area before starting next analysis.

General Required Equipment List in a Laboratory

Hot air oven

Air oven

DM Unit

Distillation unit

pH meter

Conductivity meter

Hot plate

Water Bath

Analytical Balance

Sample Collector

Muffle furnace

Magnetic stirrer


Vacuum oven

Water pump

Heating mantel

Thermometer(Various ranges)

Turbidity meter

Dissolved oxygen meter

Flame photometer





Density meter

Redox monitor(For humidity measurement)

General Required Laboratory Apparatus

Volumetric flask



Burette stands

Pipette stands

Wash bottles

Glass rods

Test tubes

PVC Tubing

Beaker(glass and plastic)

Evaporating dishes

Tube connectors (TRIGGER  & straight)

Conical flask

Crucibles and beaker tongs

Dessicators and dry

Buchuer funnel

Measuring cylinder

Reagent bottles

Gas burners

Weighing bottles

In the above mentioned equipment list & above laboratory apparatus list are not in-depth, Some more equipment may be required as per the analysis is carried out in our laboratory.

Good Laboratory Practice Related to Water Treatment Plant and Sugar Industry

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