ETP plant process philosophies in sugar industry wastewater |flowchart for treatment of sugar mill waste

ETP | Sugar industry effluent treatment plant process philosophies

In this Article discussed about different steps in effluent treatment plant ( ETP ) like Bar Screening, Oil and grease removal , Primary and secondary Clarifier, Anaerobic Treatment Process, Activated sludge process, Activated Gravity Separator, Multi-grade or Duel media filter, Sludge management system for Sugar industry waste treatment. Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) in Sugar Factory […]

Working principle, Basic reactions, Design Criteria, Parameter and process of the CSTR (Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor) or anaerobic digester

CSTR | Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor Design Criteria | Anaerobic Digester

In this section, Fundamental concepts of CSTR ( Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor) or Anaerobic  Digester  like its terminology,  reactions involved in digester, design criteria and working operation and parameters. CSTR Digester | Anaerobic Treatment for Raw Spent wash in Distillery Terminology used in Digester ( Biomethanation) Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Oxygen required for the complete […]