This guide delves into the jar test's purpose, procedure, and significance, providing insights into coagulant selection, optimal dosage determination, and treatment process optimization. Learn the step-by-step preparation of stock solutions and dosing rate guidelines for efficient water treatment.

Jar Test procedure and calculation for water treatment process

A Comprehensive Guide to Jar Testing: The selection of right coagulants and coagulant aids is an important step in the process of water treatment. To make this conclusion, water treatment authorities rely on bench-scale tests known as jar tests. As per the plant conditions, the jar test serves as a practical and informative tool to […]

What is the Difference between coagulation and flocculation in water treatment, what is flocculation and coagulation in water treatment Coagulation Flocculation Water treatment processes Wastewater treatment Coagulants Flocculants

Difference between Coagulation and Flocculation in water treatment

Coagulation and flocculation are two essential processes in water and wastewater treatment that work together to remove impurities, suspended particles, and contaminants from the water. While they are closely related, they serve distinct purposes in the treatment process. Let’s break down the differences between coagulation and flocculation. Before we break down the differences between these […]

Humidity, Relative Humidity, Absolute Humidity, Specific Humidity, Dew Point

Humidity is not just a meteorological phenomenon but a critical parameter that significantly impacts various processes, from manufacturing to product quality control. In this article, we’ll delve into the basics, detailed explanations, and formulas of water vapor, absolute humidity, relative humidity, specific humidity, and dew point. Also provides their differences to make learning engaging and […]

comprehensive guide to understanding about wooden pallets, including their classifications, Different sizes of pallets, specifications of wooden pallets, bearing capacity calculation with examples and also discuss general designs of pallets

Wooden Pallets | Classifications, Sizes, Specifications, Bearing Capacity Calculation

Induction Wooden pallets are versatile tools that are used in various industries for different purposes. They play a crucial role in the transportation, storage, and handling of goods.  These versatile platforms are used across various sectors, including manufacturing, warehousing, and retail. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to understanding wooden […]

Properties of Lime and Its application of sugar process | Equipment's and its capacity of MOL Preparation | At different Beaume the content of CaO in MOL | At different Brix the content of CaO in MOL | Milk of Lime (MOL) Preparation System Capacity Requirement | Calculation for the Identifying Shock Lime Connection to Juice Sulphitor Milk of Lime(MOL)in Sugar Industry

Lime Properties for Sugar Industry | MOL Preparation Unit

Properties of Lime and its Application of Sugar Process | Equipment’s and its Capacity of MOL Preparation LIME:  Lime is the one of the main important reagent in juice clarification such as defecation , sulphitation, carbonation process. The lime is the cheapest and most required clarifying agent . The consumption of lime in different process […]

In this article we know about boiler efficiency meaning and formula for direct method of calculation. Also we practice with an example

Boiler Efficiency Calculation by Direct Method with Example

In this article we know about boiler efficiency meaning and formula for direct method of calculation. Also we practice with an example. What is a boiler efficiency Boiler Efficiency involves the ratio between energy output to energy input. It is a fraction of energy input that actually goes into raising steam. The formula is as […]

sugar drying process | sugar drying machine |The Drying Curve | Initial period, Constant rate period, Falling rate period

Fundamental Concepts of Sugar Drying | Mechanism of Sugar Drying

General Concepts of Drying Various processing methods are there for preservation of food processing units like  Freezing, canning, preserving in syrup, food irradiation, salting, vacuum packaging, dehydration or drying. Drying means removal of a liquid from a liquid/ semi-solid/ solid to produce solid product by thermal energy input causing phase change. Sometimes converts solid moisture […]

Membrane filtration technology | Types and levels of membrane filtration

In this article discussed about basic concepts of Membrane filtration technology of  Micron Filtration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis Micron Filtration | Ultrafiltration | Nanofiltration | Reverse Osmosis What is membrane filtration Membrane   filtration   is one of the efficient and economical way of separation components that are dissolved or suspended particles in  a  liquid. Membrane […]

Dextran and Starch | Dextran & starch origin and its effects on sugar process performance |Control measures of Dextran and Starch

Dextran and starch effect in sugar process | Dextranase and Amylase enzymes

This article gives a brief  idea about role of Dextran and Starch in sugar process like what is dextran & starch, its effect on process house, Control measures of Dextran and Starch  What is Dextran Dextran is the name assigned to a family of polysaccharides which is infrequently found in healthy sugarcane plant. Sucrose is […]

basic ion exchange process mechanism and principle | ion exchange resin in sugar refining |ion exchange process mechanism and principle for treatment of melt decolonization in sugar refinery ion exchange resin process mechanism and principle for treatment of melt decolonization in sugar refinery

Ion Exchange Resin Process In Sugar Refinery | Basic Concepts of IER Process

The Ion Exchange Resin process (IER) are usually considered as similar to electrolytes. The IER were developed in the middle 1940’s and it is based on the co-polymerization of styrene cross-linked with divinylbenzene. Basic Concepts of Ion Exchange Resin Process for Sugar Refinery Basic Ion Exchange Process The IER system involves one ion for another, […]