Calculator to Find liquid volume for vertically mounted cylindrical tank partitioned portion

Formulas with online calculator for vertical cylindrical tank volume and its partitioned section volume.

Sugar industry or other industries using vertically mounded cylindrical tanks for sealing of vacuum equipment like vacuum condensers and multiple effect evaporator lost body liquid extraction (outlet). Sometimes it has also called mound.

In this cylindrical tank sometimes inside of the tank might be separated by vertical plate for easily operation purpose. While providing the partition in this single tank we can use both purposes sealing as well as extraction (withdrawal).

If we using the single mound for sealing and extraction purpose than we must find the volume of the sealing portion for maintain the vacuum in system.

The partition plate provided in exactly center of the tank than it was easy to finding the volume by the formula ( π r2h / 2). But the partition plate is having more or less than the center portion than we can calculate volume by the following formulas.

Find liquid volume for vertically mounted and partitioned portion cylindrical tank volume -sugarprocesstech

Data required for  calculation :

Dia of the Cylinder tank = D (mtrs)

Vertical height of the cylindrical tank  =  H  mtrs ( Height should be take upto overflow level of the partitioned plate for sealing mounds)

Perpendicular length from inside partition plate to tank edge =  L in mtrs

Formulas for calculations:

In this calculation first part is to be find the bottom area of the partitioned portion of the tank.

i.e bottom of the tank having circular shape so we should find the segment of the circle area than its area to be multiply with the height of the tank.

Online calculator for circle segment arc length, chord length and area -sugarprocesstech

Radius of tank (cylinder) = r = D/2

Here to be check radius of the tank is less than or greater than of the L (Perpendicular length from inside partition plate to tank edge).

If the  L > r than take the value ( D – L ) to be take instead of L valve.

Angle   =  θ2 cos -1 ((r – L )/ r  )

Chord length of the circle = = c = 2 √ h (2r – L ) 

Arc  Length of the circle segment   =  l  = 0.01745 x r x θ

Area of the segment = As = 1/2 (rl – c( r – L))

Circle area except segment = Ar = π r 2  – As

Volume of the liquid in the thank = A x H  ( Here  L < r than take A = As and for L > r than take A = Ac )

Online Calculator for find liquid volume in cylindrical tank

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