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Sugar Industry Process Equipment Capacity Calculation | Boiling House

Sugar Industry process house can be also called as boiling house. It is divided into mainly five section as Clarification, Evaporation, Crystallization, Centrifugal section and sugar house. Now in this article explained about  each equipment capacity calculation in boiling house.

Generally the capacity of a sugar plant is expressed in TCD (Tonnes cane crushing per day) and  TCH (Tonnes cane crushing per hour)

Some important consideration in sugar  selection site and plant layout

1. Land of the factory should be at higher level so that there will be Water-logging (saturation of soil with water) and also proper slope to layout the effluent.

2. The factory should be situated at the center place of the operational area in which sufficient cane availability. So that cost of cane transportation will be minimum.

3. Spray pond should be located in such a way that the bagacillo and fly ash should not mix with water due to wind and should be a way from sugar godown.

4. The plant should be super gravity or gravity type. Super gravity plant means that the height of pan floor is much higher than gravity plant.

5. Placing of equipment at right place and in a proper way in accordance with process.  This will help to carryout the process most effectively through a shortest distance and with least possible time.  By doing this supervision will be easy and helps in smooth working of plant. There are 5 steps of layout such as E, F, H , L & T shape. Out of L & T type are more popular.

6. There should be sufficient place for expansion and modification.

7. Type of land like hard, rocky for plant as it is very useful for strong foundation of the equipment. The land should be at high level for plant as there won’t be any stagnation of water.

8. Weather conditions should be checked like rainfall, humidity, ambient temp. (max & min), wind direction, etc.

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