The Sugar Technologists’ Association of India seminar | STAI

All India Seminar Conducted by STAI | Sugar Industry Seminar 

The seminar organized by “The Sugar Technologists’ Association of India” (STAI) in association with Indiana Sucro-Tech (Pune) Pvt. Ltd.,

Objectives of STAI seminar :

Sugar Factory consumes both electrical energy  & thermal energy which are made available from sugarcane. The sugar industry is known to have self sufficiency in energy of fuel and power. So primary importance had been given to operational conveniences.
In the current scenario of the production will be go high and low realizations, So challenging task to sugar industry for  economic sustainability become an extremely . Thus the focus of the sugar industry has been on bagasse-savings offer and energy conversations significant opportunity to mills.
In the past decade the sugar industry has adopted various innovative  methods and technologies for reducing steam and power consumption.
The most of the efficient sugar mills are able to reduce process steam consumption upto 29%-33% on cane
and electrical energy consumption upto 19 to 24 kwh/tonne of cane.  The energy efficiency levels vary significantly across sugar industry.
This STAI seminar mainly focus on the following points
  1. Factory operation experiences.
  2. Use of continuous pan technologies to achieve the steam saving.
  3. Process automation in crystallization.
  4. Discuss more on the subject and explore new technological strategies in sugar industry process,
Subject of the seminar :Modern Boiling House Technologies and Impact of Steam Saving on Process Efficiency
Date and Time : 21 March 2018 & 9.30Am to 5.00pm.
Venue of stai seminar : Hotel Balaji Sarovar Premiere, Aasara Chowk Majrewadi, Hotgi Rd, Model Colony, Solapur, Maharashtra.
The Sugar Technologists' Association of India (STAI) seminars - sugarprocesstech
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