The Sugar Technologists Association of India (STAI) seminars

Seminars Organizing by The Sugar Technologists Association of India (STAI)

About STAI :

a) The Sugar Technologists Association of India STAI)Recognized  by  the  Ministry  of Science  &  Technology,  Government  of  India  as  Scientific  &  Industrial  Research  Organization

b) The Sugar Technologists’ Association of India (STAI) is an apex body of sugar industry professionals and institutions establishments following the explanation for development of sugar & allied industries in India through democratic method since its origination in 1925.

c) The main Objectives of the Association is to  push the improvement of  knowledge of the science and practice of sugar technology for persons following or finding out for the profession and other kindred branches of science.  Providing platform like scientific discourses, conventions, seminars, workshop or symposium for exchanging ideas of developments with in the field of science and technology helpful to the sugar & allied industry.

d) STAI presents number of awards to the outstanding professionals for his contribution in several fields of science and technology for the expansion and development of the sugar industry in the country. The awards are given once a year during the Annual Convention of the Association.

The Sugar Technologists' Association of India (STAI) seminars - sugarprocesstech

The Sugar Technologists Association of India (STAI) is conducting an one day seminar on “Recent  Advances  in  Energy  Efficient  and  Eco-friendly  Sugar  Refineries”

STAI  in  association  with  Chemical  Systems Technologies  (I)  Pvt.  Ltd.,  is  conducting one  day  Seminar  on  “Recent  advances  in  Energy  Efficient  and  Eco-friendly  Sugar  Refineries”.

The Sugar Technologists Association of India (STAI) is organizer an All India one day seminar on - Recent Advances in Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly Sugar Refineries-sugarprocesstech

Seminar Date  and Venue :

19th May  2017 ( 09.30am to 5.30pm ), Hotel Terrace Valley Clarks Inn, Ranipool, Gangtok, Sikkim

The Object of the seminar :

a) As  the  per  capita  financial gain  is  increasing  in  India,  the  demand  for  the  refined  sugar  is  also additionally  increasing  for  domestic  consumption.  To  compete  with  the  international  market,  process  change  is  the  need  of  the  day.  This need  switch  over  from  the  conventional  plantation  white  sugar  (PWS)  to  the  refined  sugar  process. Earlier  due  to  high  steam  and  electrical  power  consumption  by  the  refineries  that  was  7-10%  higher  than  PWS  plants,  the  factories  were  not  willing  for  the  change of the process  system.

b) However,  with  the  recent  technological  advances,  currently  it  is  possible  to  produce  refined  sugar  with  the  same  energy  consumption as that for PWS. With on top of perspective in mind and to debate the technological advances in reducing  the  energy  consumption  and  having  eco-friendly  refinery  process methods.

Delegate Fee:

Registration fee for STAI Members : Rs. 2000/- (Inclusive of Service Tax)

Registration fee for Non-members : Rs. 2500/-(Inclusive of Service Tax)

Address of the Association  :

The Sugar Technologists’ Association of India , Plot No.: 15, 3rd Floor, 301, Aggarwal Okhla Plaza, Community Centre,  Okhla Phase-1, New Delhi – 110020, Tel No.; 64645069, 70, 71,72, Email:

For more information  STAI   All India one day seminar circular.

The Sugar Technologist Association of India (STAI)  will be conducting its impotent event – 75th Annual Convention and Sugar Expo 2017


Seminar Date  and Venue :

3rd – 5th August 2017 at Hotel Le Meridien, Kochi, Kerala.

The Sugar Technologists Association of India(STAI) will be organizing its flagship event - 75th Annual Convention and Sugar Expo 2017 -sugarprocesstech

Conventional Highlights:

  • This convention is one of the biggest congregation of sugar industry scientists and technocrats in india.
  • Focus on emerging and innovative  technologies.
  • Opportunity to interface with leading technology providers and who’s who of the Indian sugar & allied industries.
  • SN Gundurao and Mangal Singh memorial lectures by renowned India and international experts.
  • Plenary session – Highlights of the 29th ISSCT congress held at Chiang Mai,Thailand, 5th to 8th , Dec.2016.

75th Annual Convention and International Sugar Expo

Call For Research Papers:

Good quality research papers are invited in following categories

  • Sugarcane Agriculture
  • Factory Processing
  • Factory Engineering (It includes Equipment Design & Maintenance as well as Innovation in area of Energy Efficiency & Conservation)
  • Co-products and Management in sugar industry ( Co-products & Environment Section as well as Management)

The last date for submission of the paper is 10th May 2017. Detailed guidelines can be accessed from the following link

75th STAI  Annual Convention and International Sugar Expo 2017 – Call for Research Papers

For more information please visit the STAI website

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