pump related formulas of Power calculation, Total Head, NPSH, Affinity laws, Efficiency of the pump

Pump Related formulas | Power calculation, Total Head, NPSH, Affinity laws

In this article provided pump related formulas like fluid flow rate and velocity, power calculation, Specific Speed of Pump (Nq), Total Head, Pump Torque and temperature rise, Net Positive Suction Head, Affinity laws for pump, Pump Efficiency & Overall Efficiency of the Pump Basic required formulas for the operation of Pump Formulas regarding product while […]

Affinity laws for centrifugal pumps | positive displacement pump affinity laws | affinity laws energy savings | pump affinity laws example with calculator

Pump Affinity Laws for Centrifugal and Positive displacement pumps

Affinity Laws Energy Savings | Pump Affinity Law Online Calculator Pump Affinity Laws: The pump speed, head, and flow relationships are expressed by the affinity laws. These laws are mathematical expressions that define changes in pump Brake horsepower (BHP), head and capacity when a change is made to pump speed, impeller diameter, or both. Affinity […]

Vapour pressure definition | Vapour pressure of water at different temperatures from 0 oC to 370 oC | Vapour pressure head of liquids calculation for NPSH

Vapour pressure of water | Water Vapour Pressure temperature chart

Water Vapour Pressure Table at Different temperatures Vapour pressure definition: It is the pressure exerted by the saturated vapour in contact with the surface of the liquid at that temperature. Vapour pressure is also called the vapour tension Vapour pressure of water Concept: All liquids have a tendency to evaporate when exposed to atmosphere. The […]

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Formulas of pump NPSH Calculation |Head loss in suction and delivery line

NPSH Calculation and Find pump suction and delivery line head loss with online calculator Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH): Net positive suction head is the term that is usually used to describe the absolute pressure of a fluid at the inlet to a pump minus the vapour pressure of the liquid. The NPSH is always […]