sugar drying process | sugar drying machine |The Drying Curve | Initial period, Constant rate period, Falling rate period

Fundamental Concepts of Sugar Drying | Mechanism of Sugar Drying

General Concepts of Drying Various processing methods are there for preservation of food processing units like  Freezing, canning, preserving in syrup, food irradiation, salting, vacuum packaging, dehydration or drying. Drying means removal of a liquid from a liquid/ semi-solid/ solid to produce solid product by thermal energy input causing phase change. Sometimes converts solid moisture […]

basic ion exchange process mechanism and principle | ion exchange resin in sugar refining |ion exchange process mechanism and principle for treatment of melt decolonization in sugar refinery ion exchange resin process mechanism and principle for treatment of melt decolonization in sugar refinery

Ion Exchange Resin Process In Sugar Refinery | Basic Concepts of IER Process

The Ion Exchange Resin process (IER) are usually considered as similar to electrolytes. The IER were developed in the middle 1940’s and it is based on the co-polymerization of styrene cross-linked with divinylbenzene. Basic Concepts of Ion Exchange Resin Process for Sugar Refinery Basic Ion Exchange Process The IER system involves one ion for another, […]

sugar manufacturing process step by step from sugarcane and sugar beet with flow diagram and specifications

Raw Sugar Making Process with Flow Chart and specifications

Know About Raw Sugar Manufacturing Process This sugar article discussed raw sugar definition, the basic steps for the raw sugar-making process, and raw sugar specifications. What is Raw Sugar: Raw Sugar is produced from sugar cane or beet by an ordinary process known as the Defecation process.  According to Peter Rein, raw sugar can be […]

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Refined sugar making process | Flow chart and Specifications

Refined Sugar Manufacturing Process In this sugar article mainly discussing about what is refined sugar, Refined sugar making process, basic steps for making refined sugar  and refined sugar specifications. Mainly sugars are classified as. 1. Raw sugar. 2. Plantation white sugar. 3. Refined sugar. What is refined sugar Refined Sugar is produced by sugar cane or beet […]