Batch Vacuum Pan Calculation in sugar industry | Crystallization process | pan boiling calculation | vertical continuous vacuum pan

Batch Vacuum Pan Design Calculation | Sugarprocesstech | Sugar Technology

This article discussed about 80 MT capacity batch vacuum pan design calculation of Heating surface, Number of tubes, Dia of the downtake and tube plate, Graining volume, Dia of the vapour doom, Height of the top cone, Dia of vapour inlet and outlet pipe lines , Pipe line dia of noxious gases, Dia of condensate […]

Hydrostatic pressure definition | how to calculate hydrostatic pressure for evaporator and vacumm pans | sugarprocesstech

Hydrostatic Pressure in evaporator bodies | Hydrostatic Head in Vacuum pans

This article discuss about hydrostatic pressure definition and its calculation and also hydrostatic head in robert type evaporator bodies  and vacuum pans Hydrostatic Head in Evaporator Bodies and Vacuum Pans Hydrostatic pressure head definition When a pressure ” P” is exerted on the surface of a liquid, the pressure to which the molecules of the […]

Working principle, Basic reactions, Design Criteria, Parameter and process of the CSTR (Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor) or anaerobic digester

CSTR | Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor Design Criteria | Anaerobic Digester

In this section, Fundamental concepts of CSTR ( Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor) or Anaerobic  Digester  like its terminology,  reactions involved in digester, design criteria and working operation and parameters. CSTR Digester | Anaerobic Treatment for Raw Spent wash in Distillery Terminology used in Digester ( Biomethanation) Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Oxygen required for the complete […]

concept and process description of Biomethanation system suitable for Distillery spent wash treatment.

Biomethanation Process for Distillery Spent Wash Treatment | CSTR

In this article discuss about concept and process description of Biomethanation system suitable for Distillery spent wash treatment. Biomethanation Technology for Treatment of Distillery Effluent Introduction: The distillery effluent is known as spent wash and it is a highly concentrated liquid with a high organic and inorganic content. In Distillery industry spent wash treatment and […]

The Concept of Graining Volume of the Batch Pan

Graining Volume Calculation in Batch Pan | Sugar Process Tech

In this article, the concepts of the Graining volume in batch pan and example for calculation of the graining volume are discussed. The Concept of Graining Volume of the Batch Pan The graining volume is the volume of the pan up to the level of the top tube plate, the minimum volume at which the […]

plate type heat exchanger design calculation | plate and frame heat exchanger area calculation

Plate Type Heat Exchanger Design Calculation | Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger

In this article explained about basic calculation for plate type heat exchange design like hot fluid and cold fluid temperatures, heat transfer coefficient, heat transfer area calculation .. etc Plate Heat Exchanger Heat Transfer Area Calculation | PHE Design Calculation Basic concepts of Plate Type Heat Exchanger : (Please go through the below link) Plate […]

Benefits to production of raw sugar in place of white sugar | Sugarprocesstech

Raw Sugar production in place of plantation white sugar process plants

In this article provided a little bit information regarding the opportunities and benefits while switching over to direct (human) consumption of raw sugar production in place of Plantation white sugar Opportunities and Need for Switching over to Raw Sugar Production from White Sugar Plantation of sugarcane is high then production of white sugar will be […]

Basic concepts of cooling tower, types of cooling towers, formula for cooling tower efficiency | Make-up water, Drift Losses, Evaporation losses & Blowdown

Cooling tower basics calculation formulas | Cooling Tower Efficiency

In this article explained about basic concepts of cooling tower, types of cooling towers, formula for cooling tower efficiency. Also brief about Cooling tower mass balance  of make-up water requirement in system, Drift Losses or Windage, Evaporation losses & Blowdown or Draw off. Types of cooling tower | Cooling Tower Basic Calculations Cooling towers are […]

Design specification of cooling system | Differences between of spray pond and cooling tower | Cooling System Efficiency Formula | Types of cooling system

Water Cooling System | Difference Between Cooling Tower and Spray Pond

In this article explained about Terms in cooling system,  Design specification of cooling system and formula for Cooling System Efficiency. Finally discussed about difference between spray pond and cooling tower Design specification of cooling system | Cooling Tower | Spray Pond Condensing and cooling system plays a major role in sugar industry process house. Essential Terms […]

Ethanol production articles | ethanol production from sugarcane juice and molasses | Theoretical yield of ethanol from glucose | yield of ethanol from sugar

Ethanol production from various feed-stocks in sugar process | Yield of Ethanol

Calculating Yield of Ethanol from Sucrose and  its Process Intermediate Products This Article explained about calculation of ethanol yield from various feed stocks (Intermediate products) in sugar manufacturing process like sugarcane juice, secondary juice, syrup, A-molasses, B- heavy molasses and final molasses .. etc. Calculating theoretical yield of ethanol from sucrose The chemical equation from […]