calculation of heat transfer coefficient for shell and tube heat exchanger

Heat Transfer Coefficient of Liquid -Liquid Tubular Heater Calculation | HTC

How to find Condensate Juice Heater Heat Transfer Coefficient Calculation The fundamental expressions relating to heat transfer coefficient in tubular heat exchanger are available in many standard texts on heat transfer and chemical engineering unit operations. For basic concepts of overall heat transfer coefficient explained in the below following link Fundamental  Concepts of overall heat […]

Juice Defecator and Juice Sulphitor Design Criteria

Juice Defecator and Juice Sulphitor Design Criteria | Online Calculator

Design Calculation of Juice Defecator and Sulphitor with online calculator In this article explained about juice defecator and juice sulphitor calculations like diameter, overflow height, find the shock lime point  etc. Juice reaction vessels (Defecator or Sulphitor) a) For better juice clarification and excellent mud settling rate, the juice defecation and sulphitation reaction vessels play […]

Juice Sulphitation process in sugar industry clarification - sugarprocesstech

Juice Sulphitation Process Concept | Methods of Sugar Cane Juice Sulphitation

Reactions and methods of sugar cane juice sulphitation process Introduction: Juice Sulphitation  is the process of  purification  of cane juice  by employing  lime  and  sulphur dioxide  gas. This process generally used for clarification  of sugar cane juice in planitation white sugar manufacturing industry. The juice which is free of Bagacillo & weighed in the weighing […]

concept of Juice defecation process in sugar industry - sugarprocesstech

Methods of Juice Defecation Process in Sugar Industry

Concepts of Juice Defecation Process and its Mechanization Introduction: In sugar process industry for clarification purpose generally followed juice defecation or juice sulphitation process. For raw sugar or organic sugar making process followed juice defection and for planitation white sugar manufacturing followed juice sulphitation process. In this article explained about what are method takes place […]

sulphur melter in sugar process

Sulphur Melter | Sulphur Melting process in sugar processing industry

Specifications for sulphur | Steam Requirement and E-melt system in sulphur melting Abstract of Sulphur Melting :  1. Sulphur molecular formula “ S “ and it has an atomic number and atomic weight are 16 & 32.06 gm/mol respectively. It melt at 114oC temperature. It vaporizes at 444oC temperature when heated with air. Sulphur is available […]

Rotary Vacuum Filter Accessories Capacity Calculation |Sugar Tech

Vacuum Filter Description in sugar industry | Optimization of Sugar Loss

Vacuum Filter Operation in sugar industry | Optimization of Sugar Loss from Filter Cake Abstract: Rotary drum vacuum filters have been widely used in sugar and a variety of other industries for many years. They are well suited to applications where both dewatering and washing are required and appear to be the best of the […]

Good Approach for Raw Juice

Best steam economy option for Raw Juice Heating in sugar industry

 Good Approach for Getting Raw Juice Temperature In the View of Energy Saving Concept Raw juice temperature raised upto 70 to 75oC is the 1st step in Sugar processing. For obtaining this temperature follows two to three stages heating with different types of heaters like tubular heater, direct contact heaters and plate type heater by […]

Flash tank design formulas with online calculation sheet -sugarprocesstech

Clarifiers Flash tank design formulas with online calculation sheet

Juice Clarifier Flash Tank construction parameters with online calculator About Flash tank 1) Clarifiers are normally preceded by a flash tank. This is a simple cylindrical tank located just above and ahead of the clarifier, with a flue open to the atmosphere. Now days according to energy conservation the flue also used for filter juice […]

Liquid- Liquid Heater (Condensate or Duplex juice Heater) Calculation - sugarprocesstech

Liquid- Liquid Heater (Condensate or Duplex juice Heater) Calculation

Condensate or Duplex Heater (Liquid- Liquid Heater)  Design Calculation formulas with online calculation sheet • According to the  in the energy conservation point of view Sugar process industry used liquid liquid heaters for raw juice  heating . It is also called condensate heater or duplex heater( for specific design). • In liquid- liquid heater raw […]

Direct Contact Heater Design Calculation with Online Calculator -sugarprocesstech

Direct Contact Heater (DCH) Design Calculation with Online Calculator

Formulas for Design Direct Contact Heater (DCH) with Online calculation Sheet Objectives of Direct Contact Heater (DCH) a) The direct contact heaters were constructed with stainless steel  body. In direct contact heaters the hot and cold streams are bought into contact without any separating wall and high rates of heat transfer are achieved. b) The […]