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Sulphurless sugar production benefits and limitation |Specification

Sulphurless sugar meaning :

The Sugar not having sedimants and traces of sulphur less than 5ppm , and its remaining parameters nearly matches to pantation white sugar then it is called sulphurless sugar. The sulphurless sugar quality nearly reached the refined sugar.

Sulphurless sugar vs normal sugar

Plantation white sugar is produced by following double sulphitation method so its sulphur content varies in between 20-70 ppm or sometimes more.  In sulphur less sugar process the double sulphitation for sugar production shall be replaced with defecation followed by melt clarification /melt carbonation and recrystalization method.

Sulphurless sugar production benefits and limitation |Specification

Major steps in production of Plantation white sugar

a) Juice sulphitation followed by syrup sulphitation.

b) By using the sulphured syrup followed direct crystallisation process.

The following changes are to be made in the plantation white sugar process to produce sulphurless/refined sugar.

a) Change in juice clarification process from sulphitation to defecation.

b) Production of high quality raw sugar by using crystalization method in place of plantation white sugar.

c) Again the raw sugar melt it and clarifications of raw sugar melt by phosflotation / carbonation process and then followed re-crystallisation for production of sulphurless sugar.

d) Further decolourisation of clarified melt by IER, PAC and GAC and re-crystallisation for production of refined sugar.

General Specification for Sulphurless Sugar :

Description Unit Sulphurless Sugar
Polarization % ≥ 99.80
Colour IU max < 60
Moisture % max 0.03
Ash % max 0.04
R.S. % max 0.04
SO2 ppm <5
Turbidity Abs. < 40
Beverage Floc Negative
Sediment ppm <10

Sulphurless sugar benefits

The following major advantages of Sulphur less sugar production process over double sulphitation plantation white sugar production process.

Better quality, sulphur free sugar for human consumption.

a) The keeping quality of sugar produced by Sulphur less sugar process is much higher than sugar produced by sulphitation process.

b) As the use of highly toxic SO2 is eliminated in processing of Sulphur less sugar, the corrosion levels are negligible thus drastically improving the life of specific equipment under operation, its piping and also surrounding equipment, roof truss, plant support structure as well as there is no emission of SO2 gases since the c) Sulphur burner station is totally eliminated. The maintenance cost for such corrosion related rectifications is totally saved.

d) Removal of fine bagacillo due to flotation process resulting in lower insoluble matter in sugar.

e) Better quality control in respect of colour as variation in clear juice or low grade seed/sugar colour are not affecting directly on finished product.

f) Inversion loss can be minimized due all materials maintained nearly neutral pH. It will effect the rise in recovery.

Limitations of Sulphurless sugar

a) When compare to Plantation white sugar process, Energy consumption will be increased in interns of steam and electrical power. Approximately the steam % cane will be increased 5 to 6% &  power consumption will be increased 5KW/ton of cane

b) Viscosity increased for end products of “C” massecuite and its molasses due to number of boilings.

c) The complexity of process  increased in sulphurless sugar production when compare to white sugar process.

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