Raw Sugar production in place of plantation white sugar process plants

In this article provided a little bit information regarding the opportunities and benefits while switching over to direct (human) consumption of raw sugar production in place of Plantation white sugar

Opportunities and Need for Switching over to Raw Sugar Production from White Sugar

Plantation of sugarcane is high then production of white sugar will be on higher side. As a major export of sugar in the world market is in the form of raw sugar and plantation white sugar has limited international market. As per the market strategy of demand & supply the prices of white sugar will be fluctuated.

To overcome this situation to some extent, we can think to produce direct (human) consumption of raw sugar production or very high pol raw sugar for International export market.

Important characteristics of Raw sugar

1. The size of Very High Pol Raw sugar should be 0.6 to 1.0 mm or an average size 0.8 mm. It should be hard & uniform in size. Conglomerates & rolled grains should be avoided.

2. Moisture content should be kept low enough to safety factor not exceeding 0.3 percent at any case.

3. Ash & Reducing sugar content should be 0.3% to 0.4% and 0.2% to 0.3% respectively.

4. Minimum contamination of fungi, yeast & bacteria, so that dextran level should be controlled to minimum.

5. The unwashed sugar should be surrounded by the original film of molasses.

Raw Sugar Making Process

Major Benefits While Producing the Raw Sugar: (Accountable Benefits )

1. The raw sugar recovery shall be higher  when comparable with Plantation White Sugar – Pol of the raw sugar is less when compare to white sugar as well as moisture% is high in raw sugar.

For example:

 S.No  Description  Raw Sugar  White Sugar  Formula
 1  Estimated Recovery  for white sugar   – – – – –  10.00  Assumed
 2  Pol of the sugar  99  99.8
 3  Moisture of the sugar  0.1  0.04
 4  Brix of the sugar  99.90  99.96  100 – Mois%
 5  Purity of sugar  99.10  99.84  Pol% / Brix%
 6  Molasses purity  32.00  32.00
 7  ESG Factor  98.58  99.72
 8  Recovery of Raw Sugar  10.12  Obtained


ESG Factor = \frac{Pol \ % Sugar \ \times \ \ (Pty. \ of \ Sugar \ - Pty \ of \ Molasses)}{ Pty. \ of \ Sugar \ (100 \ - Pty \ of \ Molasses )} \times \ 100


Recovery \ Raw \ Sugar = \frac{ESG \ Factor \ of \ White \ Sugar \ \times Recovery \ of \ White \ Sugar}{ ESG \ Factor \ of \ Raw \ Sugar \ }

From the above example recovery of raw sugar will be increased 0.12 when compared to white sugar

2. Recovery rise due to reduction in final molasses purity – In this case “A’ massecuite purity is remains low normally 2 to 3 unit higher than juice purity. Due to this it is easy to reduce “C’ massecuite purity. In raw sugar process the final molasses purity is normally lower than 2.0 units than sulphitation process. This results in increasing raw sugar recovery as follows

 S.No  Description   Raw Sugar  White Sugar  Formula
 1  Final Molasses % cane  4.00  4.00
 2  Final Molasses Purity  31  33
 3  Brix of final molasses  90  90
 4  Pol in final molasses  27.9  29.7  Pol% / Brix%
 5  Pol in final molasses % cane  1.12  1.19  Pol in FM x FM%cane / 100
 6  Rec% rise in raw sugar  0.07

3. Recovery rise due to reduction in inversion losses – As low pH of syrup is avoided, inversion remains low in defecation process. This results in decreasing inversion losses of the order of 0.10 -0.15 units.

Total recovery rise in raw sugar : The total recovery rise in raw sugar production due to pol of sugar, reduction in final molasses purity as well as decrease in inversion losses will be around 0.25 to 0.3 units.

Chemical Usage ( Revenue saving due reduces the chemical consumption in raw sugar production)

a) Sulphur consumption approximately 0.06 to 0.07% on cane in plantation white sugar process and it will be totally avoided in raw sugar process

b) Lime consumption % cane decreased approximately 0.05% to 0.07% in raw sugar process when compare to white sugar process

 ( Generally in double Sulphitation process lime % cane – 0.16 to 0.22% and in raw sugar process lime % cane – 0.11 to 0.14)

For example

Consider 5000 TCD plant and

Sulphur consumption – 0.07% cane & 16000 Rs/ Ton of cane then

Benefit in raw sugar production = 5000 x 0.07% = 3.5 T/day = 3.5 x 16000 = 56,000 Rs/day

Lime consumption – 0.05% cane decreased in raw sugar production in place of white sugar & 6000 Rs/ Ton of cane

Benefit in raw sugar production = 5000 x 0.05% = 2.5 T/day = 2.5 x 6000 = 15,000 Rs/day

Total saving due to reduction in chemical consumption = 56,000 + 15,000 = 71,000 Rs/day

So total benefit in raw sugar production due to chemical =  71,000 / 5000 = 14.2 Rs / Ton of cane

Other Benefits

1. The process shall be more environment friendly as compared to the Double Sulphitation Process of clarification.

2. As compared to the Double Sulphitation Process, it shall effect savings in store consumables.

3. Manpower requirement shall be relatively lower.

4. Evaporator tube fouling less in raw sugar process due to lower lime salts in juice.

5. Corrosion of pipelines as well as equipment is less in raw sugar process when compare to Sulphitation process.

6. Reduction in filter cake quantity in raw sugar process due to lower mud levels – Almost Pol in filter cake %cane sugar reduced 30% to 50 % when compare to white sugar.

7. Less variation in process leading to better quality control.

8. Increase in pan station capacity of the order of 20 %. If evaporator and mills are suitable the crush rate may be increased accordingly.

9. Around Steam%cane will be reduced upto 0.5 to 1% due to decrease in pan vapour demand. (Reduced the massecuite % cane will decreased upto 3 to 2 units in raw sugar process when compare to white sugar process)

Some limitation  in Raw sugar production when compare to Plantation white sugar produced

a) Appearance of white sugar is good when compared raw sugar.

b) Robust  and stabilized process in Indian conditions and giving good results even at large variation in cane quality.

c) All massecuite viscosity are low in white sugar process when compare to raw sugar process.

d) Lower self-life due to higher impurities and moisture in sugar when compare to white sugar.

Benefits to production of raw sugar in place of white sugar | Sugarprocesstech

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