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In this article, the concepts of the Graining volume in batch pan and example for calculation of the graining volume are discussed.

The Concept of Graining Volume of the Batch Pan

The graining volume is the volume of the pan up to the level of the top tube plate, the minimum volume at which the pan can operate.

This term “Graining Volume” is used to denote the minimum volume of massecuite, which must be introduced in to the pan before opening of steam valve. It is calculated corresponding to the upper surface of top tube plate. It is also referred as ‘footing volume’ of the pan.

Graining volume generally expressed in percent of the working volume of the that pan. It is varies from 35 to 45%. Generally, all types of massecuites graining made with higher purity syrup or molasses and afterward pan is filled with low purity material. So lower graining volume is obviously of advantage for better purity control of massecuite. Also low graining volume is helps to increase the crystal size.

However some massecuites graining material preparation and developing of the massecuite with same material. In such situation, the % graining volume is not necessary to be considered for purity reduction.

Present scenario to improve the circulation of the pan use short length tubes . If tube length of pan decreases, then increase in the calendria diameter for the pan with same heating surface. The increase in calandria diameter increases the graining volume of pan.

In case of 800 mm tube length pans, the graining volume increases upto 40 % to 42%. Such pans definitely give higher circulation in pans.

The Graining volume of the batch pan calculated by adding these volumes in pan

a) Bottom cone volume

b) Bottom ring volume

c) Total tubes volumes

d) Down take Volume

e) Volume of the pan upto 50mm height from top tube plate (It may not be required to add this volume while calculating the graining volume)

Example of calculation of graining volume single discharge type:

Graining Volume of Batch Pan   Description  Formula  Values  UOM
 Input Data
  1  Capacity of pan  60  T
  2  No. of tubes  N  1306  nos.
  3  Tube thickness  t  1.6  mm
  4  Tube Length  H1  750  mm
 Tube OD  OD  102  mm
  6  Dia of pan  D1  5600  mm
 Dia of the down take  D2  2400  mm
  8  Height of the bottom ring   H2  50  mm
  9  Angle of bottom cone   α  18  Deg
  10  Discharge Dia   D3  600  mm
 Graining Volume Calculation
  1  ID of the tube  ID = OD – 2xt 98.8
  2  Volume of massecuite in tubes   Q1 = 0.785 x ID x ID x H1 x N 7.51 M3
  3  Volume of down take   Q2 = 0.785 x D2 x D2 x H1  3.39 M3
  4  Volume of the bottom ring   Q3 = 0.785 x D1 x D1 x H2  1.23 M3
  5  Height of the bottom cone   h = [(D1 – D3)/2 ] x TAN α 812.30 mm
  6  A1=
 0.785 x (D1)2 24.62 M2
  7  A2=  0.785 x (D3)2 0.28 M2
  8  Volume of the bottom cone  Q4 = h/3 (A1+A2+√A1A2) 7.46 M3
  9  Graining Volume   Q1+Q2+Q3+Q4 19.58 M3

Example of calculation of graining volume “W” type cone

Graining vollume calculation in batch pan of sugar industry | Sugarprocesstech

Graining Volume of Batch Pan (“W” Type cone )  Description Formula Values UOM
Input Data
 1  Capacity of pan  60 T
 2  No. of tubes  N  1306 nos.
 3  Tube thickness  t  1.6 mm
 4  Tube Length  H1  750 mm
 5  Tube OD  OD  102 mm
 6  Dia of pan  D1  5600 mm
 7  Dia of the down take  D2  2400 mm
 8  Dia of bottom inverted cone  D3  2200 mm
 9  Height of the bottom ring   H2  50 mm
 10  Angle of bottom cone   α  18 Deg
 11  Angle of bottom inverted cone   Φ  35 Deg
Graining Volume Calculation
 1  ID of the tube  ID = OD – 2t  98.8
 2  Volume of massecuite in tubes   Q1 = 0.785 x ID x ID x H1 x N  7.51 M3
 3  Volume of down take   Q2 = 0.785 x D2 x D2 x H1   3.39 M3
 4  Volume of the bottom ring   Q3 = 0.785 x D1 x D1 x H2   1.23 M3
 5  Height of the bottom cone   h 1 = [(D1 – D3)/2 ] x TAN α  552.36 mm
 6  A1=  0.785 x (D1)2  24.62 M2
 7  A2=  0.785 x (D3)2  3.80 M2
 8  Volume of the bottom cone  Q4 = h/3 (A1+A2+√A1A2)  7.01 M3
 9  Height of the bottom inverted cone  h2 = [( D3)/2 ] x TAN Φ  770.23 mm
 10  Volume of inverted cone  Q5 = 1/3 x 0.785 x (D3)2 h2  0.98 M3
 11  Graining Volume   Q1+Q2+Q3+Q4 – Q5  18.17 M3

The Concept of Graining Volume of the Batch Pan

Online Calculator for calculating the Graining Volume in Batch pan

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