Pump Efficiency and Pump Power Calculation Formulas with Examples

Pump Power Calculation Formula | Specific speed of a centrifugal pump

In this article discussed about pump basic formulas with examples like pump power calculation formula, specific speed of centrifugal pump and affinity laws for centrifugal and displacement pumps. Also provided online calculator for pump power calculation Pump Efficiency and Pump Power Calculation Formulas with Examples Efficiency and Input Power of the Pump The work performed […]

calulation of Pressure head, velocity head, friction head for pump NPSH

Pressure Head | Velocity head | Static Suction Head Calculation of PUMP

In this article discussed about pressure head and velocity head definitions, pressure head calculation example at different source tank conditions. Also explained about various pressures like Absolute (ab) Pressure, Barometric Pressure, Gauge Pressure and Vacuum. Pressure head formulas with example problems | Velocity Head and Suction for Pumps The term Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) […]

Sugar Melter Capacity Calculation | Sugar Melting design in sugar factory boiling house | sugarprocesstech

Sugar Melter Application in Sugar Factory | Sugar Melter design Calculation

In this article discussed about the role of sugar melter in sugar industry process house and its capacity and design calculation. Also provided online calculator for its capacity calculation. Sugar Melter Capacity Calculation | Sugar Melting  Feed Liquor Calculation The sugar melter simply can be defined as it a equipment in which dissolving of sugar […]

Ethanol production articles | ethanol production from sugarcane juice and molasses | Theoretical yield of ethanol from glucose | yield of ethanol from sugar

Ethanol production from various feed-stocks in sugar process | Yield of Ethanol

Calculating Yield of Ethanol from Sucrose and  its Process Intermediate Products This Article explained about calculation of ethanol yield from various feed stocks (Intermediate products) in sugar manufacturing process like sugarcane juice, secondary juice, syrup, A-molasses, B- heavy molasses and final molasses .. etc. Calculating theoretical yield of ethanol from sucrose The chemical equation from […]

Pan section capacity calculation in sugar plant | Capacity of Batch/Continuous pans | Capacity of crystallizers |Capacity of condensers, Spray pond capacity

Capacity Calculation of Pan Section in Sugar Industry | Boiling House Capacity

Pan Section Capacity Calculation in Sugar Industry | Crystallization Sugar crystallization process takes place in pan section of sugar plant. The equipment supply tanks, Batch/continuous pans, condensers, molasses conditioners, spray pond, crystallizers fall under pan section. Capacity of Batch/Continuous pans The boiling times considered for A, B & C massecuites are 4 hours, 6hours and […]

Sugar Factory Clarification Section Capacity Requirement Calculations

Sugar Plant Clarification House Capacity Calculation | Sugar Mill Here discussed about sugar mill capacity calculation for the Clarification section like pumps, juice reaction tank, lime and sulphur requirement, juice clarifier, vacuum filters … etc. 1. Raw Juice Pump Raw juice pump is also called Mixed juice pump or screened juice pump. Screen juice % […]

Affinity laws for centrifugal pumps | positive displacement pump affinity laws | affinity laws energy savings | pump affinity laws example with calculator

Pump Affinity Laws for Centrifugal and Positive displacement pumps

Affinity Laws Energy Savings | Pump Affinity Law Online Calculator Pump Affinity Laws: The pump speed, head, and flow relationships are expressed by the affinity laws. These laws are mathematical expressions that define changes in pump Brake horsepower (BHP), head and capacity when a change is made to pump speed, impeller diameter, or both. Affinity […]

The Sugar Technologists' Association of India (STAI) seminars - sugarprocesstech

STAI 2019 – 77 Annual Convention & International Sugar Expo 2019

The Sugar Technologists Association of India | STAI 2019 The Sugar Technologist Association of India ( STAI 2019 )  conducts an impotent event – 77th Annual Convention and Sugar Expo 2019   Seminar Date  and Venue : 17th – 19th July 2019, at Biswa Bangla Convention Centre, New Town, Kolkata, West Bengal, India Conventional Highlights: […]

Vapour pressure definition | Vapour pressure of water at different temperatures from 0 oC to 370 oC | Vapour pressure head of liquids calculation for NPSH

Vapour pressure of water | Water Vapour Pressure temperature chart

Water Vapour Pressure Table at Different temperatures Vapour pressure definition: It is the pressure exerted by the saturated vapour in contact with the surface of the liquid at that temperature. Vapour pressure is also called the vapour tension Vapour pressure of water Concept: All liquids have a tendency to evaporate when exposed to atmosphere. The […]

Classification of pumps based on fluid mechanics | Types of pumps and their working principles and applications | Classification of Dynamic Pumps - Centrifugal Pumps and Vertical Pumps – Radial Flow, Mixed Flow , Axial Split-Case Pumps, Line-shaft Pumps, Submersible Pumps | Classification of Displacement Pumps - Reciprocating pumps, Rotary pumps, Pneumatic pumps – Plunger / piston type pumps, Diaphragm pumps, Rotary Lobe Pumps, Progressive Cavity Pumps, Screw Pumps

Classification of pumps | Types of pumps and their working principles

Types of Pumps and their working principles with applications Generally Pumps classification done on the basis of its mechanical configuration and their working principle. Classification of pumps mainly divided into two major categories: 1.. Dynamic pumps / Kinetic pumps 2. Displacement Pumps / Positive displacement pumps Dynamic Pumps Dynamic pumps impart velocity and pressure to […]